The grass may be greener in this case...

Arguably the biggest job of the summer has commenced with major developments to the playing surface well underway.

Like a number of grounds, the Silverlake is in need of renovation after the rigors of last season’s fixture programme. The club have called in pitch specialists Speedcut Contractors Ltd, who after an initial consultation have commenced works on both the main pitch and the training ground on Lower Hardmoor.

Both pitches are in need of Deep Aeration to decompact the soil and improve the drainage. Speedcut have a literally ground-breaking machine that is able to decompact and aerate far deeper than typical equipment. They carried out the same work at Brentford Football Club last year, and having spoken to Brentford's groundsman, they were delighted with the results.

After this initial work the top 4 inches of the pitch will be removed, using further specialist machinery. Once re-seeded this work will create a good rootzone, for healthy grass to grow. The work will be completed by the weekend and the pitch will have plenty of time to establish in readiness for the new season.

Groundsman Tony Shiner has been, and continues, working tirelessly at the ground overseeing the operation to ensure Ian Baird and his team will be delighted with the outcome and have the playing surface they crave.


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